Number of loans recorded since April 2019

Number of items available to borrow

Opening Times

Thursday’s 3 – 5pm

Saturday’s 9 – 11am

We need a minimum split of 20/80, Active Members to Not. 

We currently have less than 10%

How good is our library!  We knew last year that our philanthropic funding was running out and we needed more members to help deliver our service so we doubled the membership fee for people who can’t voluteer 3 hours a fortnight but that didn’t work! 

We are busier than ever (checkout the graph below that shows our loans compared to other share libraries around the country) and have too few Active Members to cover enough bases.  So we have stopped opening on Tuesdays and have stopped accepting new memberships online.    Please use the contact form to apply for membership.  Priority is given to households that can commit to covering one of the roles we urgently need filled.  Descriptions of  these are detailed below, scroll down:)

Beyond busy!

The graph above is from the Australian Library of Things Network (ALOT) first survey of Australian share libraries.  It was published earlier this year.  It’s easy to see why most others are still comfortable operating with just 5-10 dedicated volunteers.  We need to move away from a typical volunteer run operation where a few do the work for many to a co operative model of operation where many do the work to support themselves and a generous share of others who need exta assistance for short to long periods of time.

The benefit to community in good times and bad of a store of shared assets is yet to be fully explored.  With a generous team of willing hands and big brains we believe our share library will grow to become a major contributor to the health and wellbeing of our community at large and be able to continue to support other organisations taking on roles of asset managers and sharers – our team is currently working to support Resilient Lismore and Resilient Uki.

At 5000 loans a year we require one person, a Library Manager, to oversee the entire operation.  A person who attends most sessions and takes care of the frequent curly issues so the Active Members can stick to their tasks.  At the moment Sasha is performing this role as a volunteer on top of being a fortnightly Sat Librarian and a Thursday Library Assistant and the Behind the Scenes leader.  At the end of 2024 Sasha wants to wind back to just be a regular Active Member.  Until we can reopen memberships and scale to a position where revenue can cover this Library Manager part time wage, we will be presenting our plan to the Byron Shire Council’s Climate Change & Resource Recovery Advisory Committee with a request for short term funding.  Philanthropic donations are of course always welcome and a tax deductible receipt can be provided.  Our operation is radically supporting our community during this time of extreme cost of living pressures.  It reduces waste and carbon emissions.  It is inclusive and supportive.  A community service of the future.  Thanks for caring legends.  Sharing is caring:)

Get in touch:)

Our stories

Thank you to our Supporters

The following champions have all pitched in recently, to help support the Library so that we can keep on supporting our community. An anonymous member donated two 6 amp Makita batteries, brand new, when she learned that we had lost a box full of Makita batteries in...

Buy or Borrow Good Quality = Acting on Climate Change

People love our Library.  They love the idea of community.  Of sharing and making good quality items accessible to many people who might not otherwise be able to afford to buy them.  Many understand but it also comes as a surprise to others the direct impact of our...

We prepared for the flood but now we need your help : Part 1 Makita batteries

You might have seen our story about Paul, our Inventory Manager and our preparations for flood in late February? We put items back to their normal spot days after that post then decided to go back in and lift it all up again on the Saturday afternoon before the Monday...

Free 6 month membership for any flood impacted locals

If you or anyone you know has been affected by the floods, please become a member of the Library for FREE, for the next 6 months.  We are here to support the community, during the good times and the hard one's. We have so many items available for people to borrow. For...

Paul & Preparedness

Meet Paul. Paul is our Inventory Manager. Paul is pictured in our tool room where we moved all items that would be damaged by flood to higher ground. We know it’s not a question of if but when the hall will flood again and we exist to support our community with our...

The Library wins the Byron Shire Community Initiative of the Year award

We feel very honoured to be awarded the Byron Shire Community Initiative of the Year. Thank you to everyone who has journeyed with us up until now.  We look forward to continuing to support the community in sharing and borrowing, reducing consumption and waste,...

Screen Free Game Restoration Day

Does your game cupboard look like this?  These Summer Holidays are going to be wetter than normal so it's a perfect time to stocktake your games and rekindle your love of them! Chances are your kids might have grown out of some of them and some are likely missing...

Our Impact Report

Drum roll... We are proud to announce the launch of our first Library of Stuff Impact Report, sharing our impact from the last 2 1/2 years. We have been dreaming to create a document like this for some time and are so excited to be sharing this with you all now. Check...

Our tester and tagger

Did you know that it is our duty to test and tag all electrical tools that are lent out? We have a wonderful volunteer, Gus, who does this and has done so since we’ve opened. He’s not very well known in the library community as he often comes in at night to test and...
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