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Next barefoot bowls social – TBA (green closed for Feb)


 It was awesome catching up with members and friends of the Library and Mullum Cares at our end of year social at the Mullum Bowlo last December! The upside of our barefoot bowls action getting cut short by rain is that we now have a credit and plan to organise another barefoot bowl social.   Make sure you’re subscribed for email updates via our Communicate page so you don’t miss the shout out.

There’s never been a more important time to step up and

Become an Active Member

How good is our library!  We were given a leg up in 2018 by FRRR pwith a 15K grant and the Byron Region Community College gave us a small space alongside the Repair Cafe in 2019 to open our doors.   Since then we’ve received philanthropic funding to pay a co ordinator for a few years but we’re out of funds for a paid person so we are looking for members to step up and ensure the Library of Stuff can meet its regulatory committments and continue to serve its members.


At this time in history we must accept that humans in developed countries have taken far more than their fair share of the planets natural resources.  Many of these are still in use in the furniture we cherish, the buildings that we love and the vintage products (like my 2015 apple mac) that are still being well cared for and serving their purpose.  The Library of Stuff, and all Libraries of Things, are conservation in action.  In addition to saving forests and restoring habit for wildlife we must slow down the reason they were destroyed or are still threatened.  Consumption. Production. The never ending deterioration of our relationship with the stuff we need to live happy and healthy lives.

Sharing and caring for items you only use infrequently is a serious way you can reduce your personal footprint and likely have more stuff at your disposal at the same time.  There are few better win wins.

Our new Active Member option means when you pay $26 and commit to volunteering regularly to take on one of the many important roles required to run the Library you get 6 months membership instead of 3 and pay half price loan fees. If you have some time (and we mean, can you easily and reliably comit to at least 2 hours a fortnight) and share our passion then there’s never been a more important time to step up and join the volunteer Library of Stuff team made up of Active Members.

Send us an email to letting us know how much time you can commit regularly over the next 6 months and potentially behond and what you think you’d like to do – if you know.


Feb 2024

Get in touch:)

Our stories

Thank you to our Supporters

The following champions have all pitched in recently, to help support the Library so that we can keep on supporting our community. An anonymous member donated two 6 amp Makita batteries, brand new, when she learned that we had lost a box full of Makita batteries in...

Buy or Borrow Good Quality = Acting on Climate Change

People love our Library.  They love the idea of community.  Of sharing and making good quality items accessible to many people who might not otherwise be able to afford to buy them.  Many understand but it also comes as a surprise to others the direct impact of our...

We prepared for the flood but now we need your help : Part 1 Makita batteries

You might have seen our story about Paul, our Inventory Manager and our preparations for flood in late February? We put items back to their normal spot days after that post then decided to go back in and lift it all up again on the Saturday afternoon before the Monday...

Free 6 month membership for any flood impacted locals

If you or anyone you know has been affected by the floods, please become a member of the Library for FREE, for the next 6 months.  We are here to support the community, during the good times and the hard one's. We have so many items available for people to borrow. For...

Paul & Preparedness

Meet Paul. Paul is our Inventory Manager. Paul is pictured in our tool room where we moved all items that would be damaged by flood to higher ground. We know it’s not a question of if but when the hall will flood again and we exist to support our community with our...

The Library wins the Byron Shire Community Initiative of the Year award

We feel very honoured to be awarded the Byron Shire Community Initiative of the Year. Thank you to everyone who has journeyed with us up until now.  We look forward to continuing to support the community in sharing and borrowing, reducing consumption and waste,...

Screen Free Game Restoration Day

Does your game cupboard look like this?  These Summer Holidays are going to be wetter than normal so it's a perfect time to stocktake your games and rekindle your love of them! Chances are your kids might have grown out of some of them and some are likely missing...

Our Impact Report

Drum roll... We are proud to announce the launch of our first Library of Stuff Impact Report, sharing our impact from the last 2 1/2 years. We have been dreaming to create a document like this for some time and are so excited to be sharing this with you all now. Check...

Our tester and tagger

Did you know that it is our duty to test and tag all electrical tools that are lent out? We have a wonderful volunteer, Gus, who does this and has done so since we’ve opened. He’s not very well known in the library community as he often comes in at night to test and...
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