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Number of items available to borrow

The Scout Hall is closed for deep cleaning from Monday 11th October for ONE WEEK ONLY.

We will be operating Click and Collect from Tuesday 19th October.  Please book what you need online as no one other than official volunteers will be allowed inside the hall until restrictions ease.  Remember to return items in the first hour and collect new loans in the second.  Current open times are Tuesday 8-10am, Thursday 4-6pm and Saturday 9-11am.

Please save our Library mobile in your phone 0431 005 755 – text or call us rather than message via socials or email is preferred.

The Lovely Library Leaders xx

Librarians of the future

Categories, our Wish Lists and what you need to know if you have items to Donate

Our inventory page might just blow your mind as it will take you through the hundreds of items we have available.  Start here where you can see a general overview of the types of things we stock and what we’d love to add.

Keen to volunteer?

Being part of a team that’s driving a movement to radically reduce emissions while at the same time, giving Members access to more items than they’ve likely ever had at their fingertips before is an amazing experience.  We’d love you to join us!

Our Membership Fees keep the wheels turning but only because we have a solid team of volunteers that open the Library to Members and do all the behind the scenes work that is imperative to the smooth running of the operation.


Donate Money

We run a lean operation to rolemodel maximum efficiency but we’d be lying if we couldn’t use more cash.  Or a bigger premises to expand in.

We have the ability to provide tax deducatible receipts as we are a Mullum SEED member so if you would like to help fuel the transition to sustainable resource use please get in touch and we can provide you with the details you need.  Rest assured the privacy of our donors is guaranteed.

Get in touch - Complete the contact form or call 0431 005 755

Whether you have a question about membership, donations or our operation in general we’d love to hear from you.

We are particularly keen to know if you were hoping we had something but we don’t.

Please let us know as there’s nothing more effective than a squeeky wheel.  You never know, you might not be the first person with the same expectation so help us add it to our wish list.

The story of the Gerni

In the first few months of the Library being open, we purchased a Gerni from the Mullum Mitre 10. Earlier this year we needed help with repairing it but found the manufacturer had entered into an exclusive partnership with Bunnings and  that Mitre 10 could no longer...

The trailer

The trailer was a big item for us to invest in. But we thought it was important for our members to have access to a low-cost trailer for camping, moving house, transporting big materials around, etc. We added it a little over a year ago and it has been borrowed more...

All about Shedding

If you haven’t heard of Shedding, you’re going to be very excited.  Shedding is a community workshop based in Mullum, where you can explore carpentry, tools and a passion for making and creating. It’s a wonderful treasure trove to have in the community, empowering...

Meet Zoe and Neil, daughter and father

These two wonderful human beings have been volunteering with us for the last 6 months. Neil was looking for activities to do with his daughter Zoe, one-on-one. He was also keen to instil a sense of service at a young age. Zoe's 12. "I wanted to do something fun while...

Library of Stuff Home Deliveries

Week 2 of lockdown home deliveries done and dusted. 2 to go - here's hoping:) Book what you would like delivered - make sure you finalise your order by "submitting your reservation" via the shopping cart function. Borrow times default to 7 days so we'll pick up a week...

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