Everyone over 18 living in the Northern Rivers is very welcome to join our community library. 

It’s easy!  You just create a login on our My Turn Site (see tips about myturn below)  

Once you’re signed in, you will be asked to accept the following conditions:    

   a)     Please return items slightly more sparkly than when borrowed:)    

    b)    Each member is required to assist with the operation of the Library.  There are many ways members can contribute for example helping with 2 shifts per year on days the Library is open:)   

    c)    It’s a $50 annual membership to join – or $90 if you are an organisation. 

NB:  You will also be asked to accept our Liability Waiver which reflects that the safe use of all Library items is the responsibility of the borrower.  The Library committee will ensure that all items are only lent in safe working order.   


Please bring a government-issued photo ID to the Library the first time you visit and proof of address if it isn’t on your id.  

Memberships are valid for 12 months and can be renewed at any time.  


My Turn tips:   

1.  Please leave the Membership ID field blank. A number will be automatically allocated to you. We will write this on your membership card.

2.  When you reach the payment page it may not be obvious but you have successfully created your membership login!  

3.  You can either enter your credit card details and make the membership payment online, bring cash with you when you first visit the Library or pay via direct bank transfer to: 

Mullum Cares 

BSB: 722 744  

Account: 100 124 135  

Note your surname as the reference on the bank transfer.