Anyone who is over 18 who can collect and return items to our home at the Mullumbimby Scout Hall AND shares our commitment to reducing human impact on the planet by sharing and caring for items made for our use is welcome to join the Library of Stuff Mullumbimby. 

It’s easy!  To join you simply need to create a login on our My Turn Site (see tips about creating your myturn account below) 

These are the conditions you need to know before you join:

    a)     Book what you need before you arrive and come to collect in the second hour of the session and return them in the first hour of the session they are due back – this ensures items that are coming in and going out on the same day are ready if another member has booked them. Never keep an item longer than your booking, you can extend your loans by using the renew function.  If the system says you cant renew an item it’s most likely booked by another member.

    b)    Our purpose is to conserve resources and we need your help looking after Library items so they last a really long time.  Please return items slightly more sparkly than when borrowed – PLEASE.  We don’t have spare volunteer hours to clean stuff and we REALLY want our items to last as long as possible and this requires all of us to take great care.

    c)    The operation is not yet financially sustainable without majority volunteer labour.  As we grow so does the load on the few regular volunteers.  If you can help either regularly or on an adhoc or ‘from home’ basis please complete our Vollie Registration form to let us know what you can offer and we’ll find a way for you to integrate into the growing team of legends!  

     d)    There are a variety of Membership types including Standard (one household) Annual $50, 2 month trial $20, Not For Profit organisation $90, School – one class $40 (up to 40 students), School – two classes $75 (up to 80 students).  We offer sponsorship for start up Not For Profit organisations for their first year and are happy to consider creating new membership types if you feel your needs are not met by any of the current options.

NB:  You will also be asked to accept our Liability Waiver which reflects that the safe use of all Library items is the responsibility of the member.  The Library committee is responsible for ensuring that items are lent in safe working order to the best of our abilities.   Electrical items are tested and tagged every three months.

Please attend in person the first time you borrow stuff (as in don’t ask a friend to pick stuff up for you this first time) and bring a government-issued photo ID to the Library and proof of current address if it isn’t on your id.  

Tips on creating your account and getting the most from your membership:    

1.  Please leave the Membership ID field blank. A number will be automatically allocated to you.

2.  When you reach the payment page it may not be obvious but you have successfully created your myturn account. 

3.  Once you have added a credit card and processed the membership payment your account is active and you can submit a booking. 

4. All inquirires are asked to me made via text or by calling the dedicated Library of Stuff Mobile on 0431 005 755 to minimise the effort for our team to monitor emails and social channels.

Reserving items: Once you have chosen the items to reserve in MyTurn, you must go to the cart and submit it. Check the MyTurn cart instructional video on how to navigate this (thanks to our mates up in TOOLO in the Blue Mountains for sharing). Your reservation is only complete when you have received an email from My Turn.