Fondue Set

Cast iron – 5 skewers

The word fondue comes from the French word, ‘fondre’, which means ‘to melt’ and has since then been used to reference many other types of fondue from cheese to meats & seafood and even chocolate. Now you can enjoy your own Fondue dining experience at home.

Here’s a link to a few different recipes.  Can be used on stove top to bring ingredients together and up to temperature then transferred to stand with burner for table service.  

Embroidery Hoop – 15cm

Round Embroidery Hoop with a 15cm diameter is a tool used to keep fabric taut while working embroidery or other forms of needlework including sashiko and other repair techniques.  Lightweight and durable, the embroidery hoop is a perfect tool for all sewing enthusiasts.

Cutting Mat – 18 x 24 inches Fiskars

Fiskars Eco cutting matt made of 100-percent recyclable polypropylene for environmentally responsible disposal.  Easy-to-read measuring grid on both sides means you can turn the mat over for double the usage.
A cutting mat and rotary cutter is a must-have if your working with latex sheeting. Also works for cutting other fabrics, paper, cardboard, etc.

Color: Taupe with dark grid lines
Size: 24 inches wide by 18 inches tall
Gridlines: 30,45, and 60-degree bias lines on BOTH sides
Self healing: Yes

Picnic Blanket – 150cm x 130cm

Lightweight. Elastic ties to keep rolled up neat and tidy.  Green leaf pattern. Synthetic material.  Patch using quality tape if tears occur on backing.

Serving Spoons x 2

Metal serving spoons x 2 (knife, fork, dessert spoon in photo for size comparison – book these separately if required)

Cookie Cutters – number set

Stainless Steel.  You know what to do.

A Guide To House Raising

Sometimes called restumping, or house lifting, house raising is a flood mitigation strategy that involves physically raising an existing structure to a higher elevation, and sticking it on new columns, so its safetly above a predicted flood level.  It works particularly well with older timber homes.

The right height to raise your home is first and foremost the height that will keep you and your family safe.  Secondary considerations are the focus of this publication.  What will you use under the house for?  What will the indoor/outdoor spaces be once you have raised?  How will the new height interact with you and your neighbours privacy, the harsh western summer sun and the much appreciated northern winter light?  How will you get from your car into the home in wet and dry conditions and in good health and in bad?  Access is important and this guide will help you understand the experience of others who have already done it to assist you with your plans.

Do Penguins Get Frostbite?

Questions & Answers about Polar Animals.

Become an expert on penguins, artic hares, lemmings, whales and other polar animals. Learn incredible facts that will amaze your family and friends! There are hundreds of facts to collect, plus dramatic illustrations that give you a glimpse of these unique animals and their beautiful habitats.

The Blackall Range Landholders Guide

The Blackall Range in Qld’s Sunshine Coast is blessed with rich soils, high rainfall and abundant wildlife as well as remnants of the rainforest that once clothes the hills.  However, serious weed infestations, landslips and isolation of those precious remnants has resulted from well intentioned but unsustainable actions of the past.

How we treat the land from now on has big implications for future generations, as well as for everyone downstream, as the Range is the headwaters of the regions major rivers.  Our actions are felt all the way to the sensitive marine environments from the Bribie Passage to Hervey Bay.

Byron Trails

Explore unique walking trails in the greater Byron Bay area:

  • Byron Coastal trails (including Cape Byron and Arakwal National Park)
  • Nightcap National Park trails (including the Historic Nightcap Track)
  • Goonengerry National Park trails (including Goonengerry waterfalls)
  • Tweed Coastal trails
  • North Ballina Coastal trails
  • Tweed Hinterland trails (including Brummies Lookout)

Stencilling for the First Time

This user-friendly guide geared towards beginners takes you every step of the way, starting with the basics.
Contains 25 different projects, each tackling a particular issue.
Contains a gallery of designs by artists and professionals in the field.

Friendly Food

The essential guide to avoiding allergies, additives and problem chemicals

  • Friendly Food is a recipe book and a complete guide to avoiding allergies, additives and problem chemicals. It is available to all members of the general public for $40 (plus postage) and can be purchased here from the Allergy Unit, or from most major bookstores and department stores throughout Australia.


The essential guide to avoiding allergies, additives and problem chemicals

  • Celebrate the legendary Bounty Hunter and the galaxy of characters he has encountered, with this Monopoly: Star Wars Boba Fett edition board game. Star Wars fans will love the gameboard spaces that depict iconic Star Wars characters and the cardboard Boba Fett tokens showing him in a classic pose or one of his more recent looks.

Draw Really Cool Stuff

Please do not borrow this book if you can’t guarantee it won’t be drawn in!  We have a printer that you can photocopy pages you would like to take home for 10c a page if you haven’t a printer but do have kids that love to colour in that might not be able to resist the urge to draw in the book. If you have kids and a printer at home then you may feel confident you can take the book and keep it safe.

It’s such an awesome book!! Discover hundreds of exciting and fun images to draw! This complete set of six-books-in-one teaches how to draw cars, insects, dinosaurs, rainforest animals, ocean creatures and desert animals with simple step-by-step instructions.