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The Library of STUFF is a community library of good quality items that is shared amongst its members




The Library of STUFF is a project of Mullum Cares Incorporated. It provides affordable access to quality goods for the Byron Bay Shire community, including individuals, families, businesses and Not For Profit organisations (including schools). Wherever possible, when we purchase new products we do so locally, supporting and promoting local businesses who stock quality products.   




The inspiration for the Library came from Annie Leonard’s Story of Stuff documentary that details the detrimental effects of increasing consumption of low-quality products.  With cheap, less durable options available, more expensive, longer lasting goods are being purchased less and less and the impact is evident in the increasing volume of waste our communities are producing.  








The Library is located at the Mullumbimby Scout Hall, on the corner of River Terrace and Burringbar Street in Mullumbimby.




The Library of STUFF categories




On our Inventory page you can filter the assets by categories including:  Camping, Games (then split these between Board Games and Sports and Outdoor equipment), Tools (and drill down to select Gardening, Hand Tool, Power Tool Cordless and Power Tool Corded), Events (divided between Catering Items and Non Catering Items), Kitchen/Food related (ice cream maker, pasta making machines, dehydrators, etc), Travel and Random.