Imagine if everyone in your community had everything they needed:)

The Library of STUFF is a community store of good quality items that is shared amongst its members.

This is the future of consumption: Environmentally sustainable and fundamentally equitable.


The Library of STUFF is a project of Mullum Cares Incorporated. It provides affordable access to quality goods for the Northern Rivers community including individuals, families, businesses and Not For Profit (NFP) organisations (including schools).  Supporting and promoting local businesses who stock quality products – relocalising is fundamental to the Library’s purpose as it keeps our money local, making sure our neighbours can pay their bills.   Wherever possible, when we purchase new products we so locally and the business promoted on the product to encourage users who find that they need to purchase one for their home to do so locally.

The inspiration for the Library came from Annie Leonard’s Story of Stuff movie that details the detrimental effects of increasing consumption of low quality products.  With cheap, less durable options available, more expensive, longer lasting goods are being purchased less and less and the impact is evident in the increasing volume of waste our communities are producing. 

This consumption level is not sustainable as the raw materials being used are not renewing themselves as fast as we are taking them. We would need raw materials from more than three planet Earth’s to continue consuming at current rates.  Add to this projection the fact that our global population is growing and the urgent need for conservation efforts is clear.

The Story of Stuff also makes it very clear that the western world’s appetite for cheap consumer goods is often harmful to people in poorer countries and their local environments.  We believe our world has the capacity to ensure every community has everything they need if they are prepared to share good quality products and consciously choose to avoid cheap, short lived alternatives.


The Library of STUFF serves:

  • Everyone is very welcome to join our community Library:)
  • All Not for Profit groups who require stuff to hold events including schools (think fundraisers) are supported by the Library;
  • Local organisations who support disadvantaged community members, special arrangements are being made;
  • All gardeners with items that are rarely used and new gardeners with everyday items to reduce start up costs;
  • Handymen, women, kids and those learning how!  With a selection of hand and power tools and a strong partnership with Shedding Community Workshop who exist to upskill our community in the art of using tools; 
  • Community members in need after damaging weather events, we received a grant from the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal to ensure provisions are readily available before they will be desperately needed (gurney, fans, heaters, tools, cleaning equipment etc);
  • Families who are looking for Screen Free Family Fun ideas including board games, sporting equipment, musical instruments & camping gear;
  • Event organisers (from birthday parties to music festivals) who are looking for support to achieve Waste Free outcomes by avoiding single use items including crockery, cutlery, cups, bins & wash tubs.


The Library of STUFF categories:

The Library is sharing a space with the Mullumbimby Repair Cafe @ the Byron Community College.  

We have a large shed (21 x 7 meters) that, once council approved, will be erected later this year at the rear of the Mullum SEED site where the Mullum Community Garden is located.

Until our large shed is erected we will have limited space so our dreams for canoes, wheelbarrows and other large items are on hold!  We have a comprehensive collection of cups/plates/bowls/mugs and items for Sustainable Events, a good selection of DIY items including power tools, a lawn mower, hedge trimmer and line trimmer and funding set aside to purchase more based on members requests and and an eclectic collection of items in our Screen Free Family Fun category.  Check out the inventory online or come and say hi and browse through our hardcopy catelogues. 

  1. DIY – Power & hand tools, accessories including gardening items
  2. Screen Free Family Fun – so much goodness in here!  Camping gear, board games, sporting & fitness equipment, music and circus gear, water sport items and more:
  3. Sustainable Events – including crockery, cutlery,  bunting, bins, litter pickers, waste sorting benches and other items to assist event managers like marquees, tables, megaphone and more.