You might have seen our story about Paul, our Inventory Manager and our preparations for flood in late February?

We put items back to their normal spot days after that post then decided to go back in and lift it all up again on the Saturday afternoon before the Monday flood.  Thanks to Sasha and her son, Max, for going the extra mile to ensure our Library items were safe.

When we arrived at the hall on Tuesday morning we found the place full of mud as expected but most of our stuff was fine.  A few board games had to go but we separated all the materials and have kept the compostable boxes, instructions and the like and hard plastic parts until we can be sure they do not go to landfill.

The biggest loss was a box of makita batteries that were in a tub on a shelf that collapsed.   Top tip – do not buy new or used shelving units that have non-waterproof shelving!

We will put in an insurance claim to replace these as they are expensive but hope to spend that money on more new Makita blue cordless tools.

If 20 people can donate a 4, 5 or 6 amp Makita battery our stock will be replenished and we can maximise the lending of our cordless tools to people in need


You might recognise the arm on the right in the picture above.  It has featured in quite a few recent posts.  It’s a member who prefers to remain anonymous.  This member donated petrol money after we moved heaven and earth to keep operating during the hard Covid lockdown – we moved to home delivering the Library items.  They then turned up at Sasha’s house with pies made in the Library’s pie maker to support her at her home that was flooded.  Now they bare donations in the form of two 6 amp Makita batteries, that cost them $330 at Bunnings.


Unbelievable generosity and support for the Library but given with sheer gratitude for the Library and what it means to them.

Our tools are now high and dry in an upstairs storage room at the hall and we have a few batteries that were out with members during the flood.  No one has reported Library items being damaged whilst in their care during the flood.  How good is that!

Galina & Steve from South Golden Beach turned up today with donations for the Library.  A dremel, a fan heater and a screwdriver set.  Deadset legends!

On the ground you can see garbage bags that are full of washing.  We are facilitating a free washing service for locals and volunteers in need.  Just drop off your washing between 10-12 Mon – Fri and we find a kind local to wash them for you and return them to the hall.

We are letterboxing fliers promoting the FREE Membership for Flood Affected Locals over the weekend so hope to welcome new families over the next few weeks.  Spread the word