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The Library of Stuff is proudly brought to you by Mullum Cares Incorporated.  An organisation that supports the community to think hard about the stuff it buys.  Buying cheap consumer goods that don’t last long wastes water and energy and creates landfill and emissions that, as communities, we are striving to reduce. The problem with our purpose is that we don’t want to sell stuff people don’t need and our membership fees must be affordable so we are still working on financial sustainability.  We really need financial support from our community in the meantime.

Since the floods in early 2022 our loans per member have doubled and the pressure on volunteers has become immense.  Never has there been a better time to consider supporting our award winning community service.  Whether you are able to make a one off or regular donation, and require a tax deductible receipt or not, we are very appreciative and reliant on the generosity of our community.

For donations requiring a tax deductible receipt head to our donation page courtesy of our auspice partner, Mullum SEED Inc. here.   If you don’t require that type of receipt you can help us avoid additional admin and charges by donating straight to our bank account at Southern Cross Credit Union BSB 722 744 Account # 100 134 855.

If you have any questions please contact the committee by emailing or get in contact with us on the Library phone – 0490 957 899.

Donate via Mullum SEED to receive a tax deductible receipt

Mullum SEED is an incredible community asset for the Northern Rivers community.  If you have an environmental project you would love support for contact them, they exist to support people and organisations that share their purpose of protecting and enhancing the environment.  Our Library of Stuff reduces emissions and waste – as well as saving our members over $1000 a year on average – and these outcomes benefit the environment both locally and globally.  

Read more about Mullum SEED here at Again, to donate to Mullum Cares Library of Stuff and receive a tax deductible receipt from Mullum SEED head to our donation page on their site here.

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Donate directly to the Library's bank account.

We proudly bank with the Southern Cross Credit Union who have supported our Library regularly over the years.  Please let us know so we can thank you if you make a donation into our bank account by emailing us at

BSB 722 744 

Name – Library of Stuff 

Account # 100 134 855 

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Donate Stuff

The first question to ask yourself when considering donating items to our share library is:

“Would it be likely that someone would like to borrow this item for one week?”  That is the best test of whether it’s likely something that would work well for our membership.

The second question is:

“Is the item in excellent condition?”  Now that we have been operating for a number of years our maintenance team have their hands full keeping our aging items in good working order so we don’t accept new inventory that need fixing before use.  The Repair Cafe Mullumbimby is a great community resource to look to if you have items that you want to keep out of landfill that just need a small fix.

If you answered yes to both questions then please consider our donation policy in full below and then we suggest you send us a text or give us a call to see if we can accept your donation.  Thanks for thinking of us!

Our Donation Policy
1. Safety

Safety is paramount in our operation.  We only stock and accept donations that are completely safe to use.

2. Repairability

The Library of Stuff exists to provide affordable access to high quality, irregularly needed items.  When we purchase items either new or second hand we ensure beforehand that we will be able to maintain them and repair them in the future without too much trouble.

Our goal is for all our items to be kept in use for as long as possible.

This applies to donations we accept but don’t be deterred from offering us an item if you’re not sure that it will pass this test.  We are building a knowledge base around these issues so send us an email with a photo and the make/manufacturer and model if applicable.

3. Usability

If you have a game or puzzle or sporting goods that are missing a couple of pieces or parts that we can easily source or make something that will mean the item is fully ‘usable’ (even if a couple of pieces or parts are obviously makeshift) then please offer these to us rather than bin them.

4. No guarantees

When we accept donations they may not stay in the inventory forever based on a number of considerations including space and popularity.  We reserve the right to on-gift or sell any item as we deem in the best interests of the Library.  So don’t give us something you 100% want to be able to borrow in the future.  We do make some exceptions to this but all items are available to all members so we can’t guarantee a member doesn’t brake or lose an item.

5. With Deep Gratitude

Choosing to share rather than hoard items that you infrequently use is a significant gift to your community and the planet so we thank you on behalf of the Library of Stuff founders, our members and all earthlings who are benefiting from the reduced demand on the planet’s finite resources and the habitats they are taken from.