Does your game cupboard look like this?  These Summer Holidays are going to be wetter than normal so it’s a perfect time to stocktake your games and rekindle your love of them!

Chances are your kids might have grown out of some of them and some are likely missing pieces.

Once you’ve dusted them off and checked them all out DON’T, whatever you do, throw anything still usable out! We’ll take them and add them to other incomplete sets to create full, restored games.

In an effort to stop incomplete games going to landfill, Mullum Cares is launching an annual event to collect unwanted games and game pieces to see how many sets can be restored!

The games category in the Library of STUFF is much loved and always growing

When we worked through what we need to do to best look after our games so they last as long as possible,  we realised most people have a stock at home that could probably do with some love too!  Like you ‘service’ you car, we are going to ‘service’ our games as a pro active, preventative annual maintenance that will lengthen the life of these much used and loved items.

Some tasks, like reinforcing the corners of boxes will become new standard practices when we first add new games to our inventory.

      • Community Game Restoration Day is an Annual Event
      • Library of Stuff Members volunteer their time to ‘service’ the Library’s games
      • Everyone is invited and encouraged to ‘service’ their games at home
      • The Library will gladly accept all donations of games both complete or incomplete that the community no longer want
      • We will add incomplete sets together to make complete, ‘restored‘ games
      • We will keep a stock of spare parts for everyone to be able to purchase for a donation
      • We will re-donate those that are excess to our needs to local op shops just in time for Christmas.


Why is this so important to us?

Our broadest philosophy is that conserving resources made for human consumption is the greatest way to respect the people and environments that were involved in the products creation and reignite a passion for caring that extends beyond how we feel about our stuff to our gratitude for the workers and materials involved.

When it comes to our Games Category in particular, we see the multiplier benefits that these Screen Free products provide our community.  In an era where stress and family disharmony is being exacerbated by screen dependency and the disconnect it results in, we are passionate about adding to the global resurgence of games as joyous ways for friends and families to spend time together.

This article from The Guardian describes the rise of table top gaming that is happing across the world.  It has some great game recommendations in it too.

If Mullum Cares, the parent organisation of the Library of Stuff, is sucessful in securing the lease on the Mullumbimby Community Hall (formely the Mullum Scout Hall) we hope to being school holiday game days.

Photo: Fourteen-year-old friends Maddy Sawbridge, left, and Alex Foley, right, at Thirsty Meeples with their friends and family. Photograph: Suki Dhanda/The Observer

Donations of Games are Invited at the Library of Stuff on Saturday 18th December from 10-11am.

If you need spare parts for your games we expect to have some available to purchase by donation from 11.30 but also into the future.
Board games, card games, tabletop games (like boggle, hungry hippos, yatzee etc), sporting games like cricket sets, bocce, badminton etc are also accepted.
We’re on a mission to stop incomplete games going to landfill.
We would really appreciate you ‘servicing’ any games you intend to donate to help our small volunteer team.  See our list of Game Servicing Tasks below.

How to service your games

1.  Completely empty the game and wipe out the box and all contents – if you have clove oil, lavender or eucaluptus oil handy please a drop of this in a cup of water to use as the wiping liquid will help all the library items resist mould and cockroaches.

2.  Reinforce the corners of box lids with strong tape.

3.  Machine wash any textile materials again putting a drop of essential oil in the washing water.

4.  Ensure everything is bone dry before you pack it up and store it.

5.  DONT throw games away because they are missing too many parts.  Our Library of Stuff will accept incomplete games that have been serviced.  Our mailing address if you’re not able to deliver to Mullumbimby is 2/1 Kamala Crt, Mullumbimby.