A Report About our Library

Sharing Empowers Us

A Research Paper by Margot Kelly

We exist to reduce resource exploitation and run away climate change but our impact is so much greater than that

“The sharing network of the LoS allows individuals to be more sustainable in their personal lives. This mode of sustainability, the reduction of consumption and waste, increases the wellbeing of library users, as this method of sustainable lifestyle has been linked to a more positive and healthier individual (Lloyd & Pennington, 2020). While this is a direct link between sustainability and wellbeing, the data shows an additional correlation through empowerment. There are pressures in understanding the severity of the environmental and social destruction brought by globalization. In joining the LoS, some of this individual pressure and the burden of knowledge becomes released as individuals are actively able to remove themselves from these patterns of destruction and join a network that does both environmental and social good. The reduction of climate anxiety in this manner is an attribute of the LoS’s contribution to wellbeing through means of stress reduction as well as the promotion of a sustainable lifestyle.” p.28