On July 1st the Library of Stuff takes on a Co Operative Membership & Operating Model

We have been working to find a sustainable model of operation since before the flood.  Try as we have the current reality is that we either close altogether or continue serving our non profit members and local waste wise event operators by asking our Active Members to keep volunteering and only allow new members or renewing members who can join them.

From July 1st only Active Members will be accepted.  Meaning a comittment of 3 hours per fortnight.  You don’t have to be able to commit to a fortnightly set roster but learning the lending software is equal top priority to helpers to look after our items when they need attention.

We are very sorry that many of our members will not be able to step up and meet this new condition of membership.  Our intention is that if we can build capacity with every household member contributing 3 hours a fortnight, that it souldn’t be long before we can open our new membership type – the Ally Membership.  For locals already volunteering for other organisations or to care for family or country.  People who want to radically reduce their impact on the planet but just can’t give the Library 3 hours a fortnight.

Our purpose is to inspire and enable our community to see cheap consumer goods and the capitalist past time that is ‘shopping’ for what they are:  climate change drivers and often culprits that exploit people and places in developing countries so the price tag is as low as possible.


Please Let Us Know What This Means For You

If your membership was set to expire beyond June 30 please get in touch as we can organise a refund if you can’t become an Active Member.

If you would like more information as to the types of tasks we need covered that you could do for 3 hours a fornight, follow the same link below as it takes you to the landing page on the Library of Stuff website where examples of the roles we need covered are detailed.  Please read these before using the contact form to let us know what you think might suit you.

It is much better to use the contact form than just turn up at the Library when it’s open.  Thanks for your understanding:)

We will be closing our Saturday session but reopening Tuesday mornings as of the end of June.  Saturdays have always been our quietest days and hardest to fill the roster.  We are pulling in all our favours to keep them open during June so it will be a relief but also sad when the shed remains closed on Saturdays starting July 6.

Tuesday mornings from 8-10am were always popular for large camping and party orders that were borrowed the Thursday before to return.  We will restart Tuesday morning sessions on July 2nd.

It’s worth understanding that after a few sessions, Active Members who volunteer on the fortnightly roster to open the shed for lending get keys.  This means that if they can’t make it in the open times of the library they can drop items back early or pick them up after the library closes (but must be on the same day the session was on).

We will continue to support our non profit organisation members, local landcare groups (both formal and informal) who work to improve public lands and local event organisers who share our passion for owning the impact our activities have – and work hard to reduce it.  An increase in per item loan fees is being considered for these Library users.  Please feel free to get in touch if you have any input or feedback that you feel may be beneficial to our team at this time.