These two wonderful human beings have been volunteering with us for the last 6 months.

Neil was looking for activities to do with his daughter Zoe, one-on-one. He was also keen to instil a sense of service at a young age. Zoe’s 12.

“I wanted to do something fun while giving back to my community,” Says Zoe. She chose the Library as the place cause she loves everything it offers.


Neil supported her initiative as it seemed a great idea and ticked many boxes including spending time together on a Saturday morning.

Not to mention, there’s not many places that you can volunteer at with kids these days. But here at the library we make it possible.

Since starting with us, Zoe has shown an interest in our games category, especially board games. We’ve now allocated her the role of ‘games coordinator’. This means that Zoe along with her dad research new games, recommend games for us to obtain as part of our inventory and generally look after the games section, making sure the games are in good order. And of course, they test many of our games and give us the tick of approval.

You can meet Neil and Zoe at the library every fortnight on a Saturday. And you can also volunteer like Neil and Zoe, either on your own, or with your daughter or.