Here are our categories, our current wish lists and everything you need to know if you have something you'd like to donate

Our Donation Policy
1. Safety

Safety is paramount in our operation.  We only stock and accept donations that are completely safe to use.

2. Repairability

The Library of Stuff exists to provide affordable access to high quality, irregularly needed items.  When we purchase items either new or second hand we ensure beforehand that we will be able to maintain them and repair them in the future without too much trouble.

Our goal is for all our items to be kept in use for as long as possible.

This applies to donations we accept but don’t be deterred from offering us an item if you’re not sure that it will pass this test.  We are building a knowledge base around these issues so send us an email with a photo and the make/manufacturer and model if applicable.

3. Usability

If you have a game or puzzle or sporting goods that are missing a couple of pieces or parts that we can easily source or make something that will mean the item is fully ‘usable’ (even if a couple of pieces or parts are obviously makeshift) then please offer these to us rather than bin them.

4. No guarantees

When we accept donations they may not stay in the inventory forever based on a number of considerations including space and popularity.  We reserve the right to on-gift or sell any item as we deem in the best interests of the Library.  So don’t give us something you 100% want to be able to borrow in the future.  We do make some exceptions to this but all items are available to all members so we can’t guarantee a member doesn’t brake or lose an item.

5. With Deep Gratitude

Choosing to share rather than hoard items that you infrequently use is a significant gift to your community and the planet so we thank you on behalf of the Library of Stuff founders, our members and all earthlings who are benefiting from the reduced demand on the planet’s finite resources and the habitats they are taken from.

Tools!  Power tools, hand tools, gardening, sewing, painting and craft.

Tool Library's

Library’s of Things have sprung up all over the world primary as Tool Library’s.  It’s no wonder it’s our most popular category.  We stock power tools both 240v (plug in the wall) and battery operated (only Makita blue brand).

We stock DIY tools and gardening tools.  Sewing tools and craft tools.  A tool is something that helps you do something so the variety that will interest our creative community is vast.  Strange and unusual tools are very exciting to us so don’t hesitate to ask if you’re not sure if we’d like it.

Currently sought after tools…

F-clamps (steel). – Steel Rule 600mm. – Steel Rule 300mm. – G-clamps – Japanese saw – Compound mitre saw – Power monitor – Post hole driver – Extension Ladder – Plumbing pliers – Auger – Anvil – Flame Torch – Copper Wire Bender – Hand printing press – Etching kit – Carving tools – Bolt cutters – Axe – Secateurs – Screen printing items – Poultry incubator and heat lamp – Badge making machine – Bamboo saw (silky) – Dressmakers mannequin – Trolley – Battery charger for all types of batteries – Garden cart – Laser level for earthworks – Log splitter – EMF meter – Floor sander – Tripod – Parrot beak long armed lopper – Honey extractor – Backpack liquid fertiliser thingy

Games – Indoor and Out, Sporting Equipment & Percussion Instruments

Screen Free Family Fun!

Life is WAY BETTER with a Library of Stuff membership and this category has got to be one of the reasons why!  From board games to stand up paddle boards we imagine our members looking at our inventory to plan great weekends packed with new and fun experiences!  

The trick with the games is for us to avoid adding games that are crap.  If your family didn’t love it chances are our members wont either.

As mentioned in the donation policy if you have a game that is incomplete but not too difficult for us to find or make the pieces or parts then please ask us if we would like it rather than throw it in the bin.


Fun stuff we are looking for…

Upword games  –  Codenames (boardgame)  –  Badminton net & poles  –  Climbing rope  –   Kayaks  –  Boules/ bocce  –  Croque set  –  beach sun shade   

Camping, Hiking and Ski Gear

The Great Outdoors!

Quality camping and hiking gear is far more expensive than the kinds you’ll find piled up after local music festivals!  We are very fussy with tents, only expect tables and chairs to work and love accessories that make a camping or hiking experience make you want to do it again!

Just before lockdowns hit again in 2021 we put a call out for ski and cold weather gear as we know we really don’t need this stuff most of the time and many schools have winter camps so we’re keen to grow our inventory particularly to help families avoid having to buy kids thermals and waterproof clothing that they’ll grow out of before the following year.

Many of us head south to visit family or holiday during winter and similarly only need really warm jackets and gloves for a short time.

Items in this category we know our members will love…

Hiking tents  –  hiking packs with built in rain covers  –  hiking mattress  –  top quality sleeping bags for very cold climates  –  thermal tops and pants  –  ski gloves & woolen gloves  –  100% waterproof jackets and pants  –  ski goggles  –  camp oven  –  camp pan  –   camp shower

Webpage still in development!


Events & Party Gear:)

Other items that help Not For Profits

Kitchen stuff – food making & saving items

Healing items – when you’re sick or recovering from injury

Random items including personal care & travel gear