The Library of Stuff provides affordable access to quality goods to it’s members in the Northern Rivers including individuals, families, businesses and Not For Profit (NFP) organisations (including schools).  We do so because we are passionate about reducing negative human impact on the environment AND the negative impact on people and wildlife caused by the production of consumer goods.  Share Libraries like ours are directly reducing carbon emissions by avoiding the need for as many consumer goods to be produced, transported, stored and then disposed of. The inspiration for the Library came from Annie Leonard’s Story of Stuff movie that details the detrimental effects of increasing consumption of low quality products.  With cheap, less durable options available, more expensive, longer lasting goods are being purchased less and less.   The impact is evident in the increasing volume of waste our communities are producing and the emissions generated are causing damaging climatic events. 


This consumption level is simply not sustainable as the raw materials being used are not renewing themselves as fast as we are taking them. We would need raw materials from more than three, four or maybe five planet Earth’s to continue consuming at current rates.  Add to this projection the fact that our global population is growing and the urgent need for conservation efforts is clear.